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We have the know-how to resolve your tax problems and the ability to get an immediate response from the IRS.

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We provide the best analysis, know the correct alternatives and pursue the most favorable solutions to tax liability problems.  Our goal is to always protect our clients’ rights and interest and to help bring about an effective resolution of the tax matter.   


 Fiedor, Van Epps and Associates have been in business more than 20 years, specializing in  
 assisting clients that have incurred liability or potential liability for Federal or State taxes. 
 Richard F. Fiedor and Mark S. Van Epps, each have over sixteen years of experience as Senior 
 Revenue Officers with the Internal Revenue Service.

 We have an in-depth knowledge of the collection procedures of the Internal Revenue Service,
 State of California Franchise Tax Board, the Employment Development Department and State
 Board  of of Equalization. Defaulted Small Business Administration Loans, especially loans 
 threatened with collection action by the SBA or the Department of Justice is just one of our


30668-06Our firm can be of assistance to those who have payroll tax problems, owe income tax, have tax deficiencies, want to appeal a penalty or an assessment, or have potential trust fund penalty consequences.  We can advise those who are contemplating bankruptcy or considering an offer in compromise. We deal with any tax collection issue that confronts either a business or an individual.  Our experience within the IRS and years of private practice enables us to create solutions most favorable to our client.  We should be contacted when a liability is pending or as soon as a demand is made by the taxing agency.

Our comprehensive tax collection background enables us to quickly determine proper actions and alternatives for our clients.  We work related dilemmas such as tax refund problems, audit  reconsideration, and penalty and interest disputes.  We have the ability to get an immediate response from the IRS and we know where to go and who to see to resolve any tax problem.  As Enrolled Agents, we are able to appear on our clients’ behalf, thereby relieving them of the confrontation and stress associated with tax agency negotiations.  We will present a reasonable resolution such as an installment agreement, offer in compromise, or consideration for abatement of various penalties.  Our services will save time and frustrations, and often save our clients money.

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